Myofunctional Therapy

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What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy is neurological re-education exercises to assist the normalization of the developing, or developed, craniofacial structures and function. It is related to the study, research, prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of functional and structural alterations in the region of the mouth, face, and regions of the neck.

Cheryl Knight has been practicing dental hygiene for 28 years, 23 of them with Dr. Tedman in Sabetha!

She also has been learning how disorders in swallowing, chewing, and breathing can affect the growth of the child’s face. Since then, she has become certified in Oral Myofunctional Therapy with the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. Thus, you’ll notice her name now reads, “Cheryl Knight, RDH, OMT”!

Orofacial disorders are linked to speech problems, mouth breathing habits, crooked teeth, noisy eating habits, TMJ problems, behavioral problems, high decay rates, and sleep problems, just to name a few. Complete dental health always follows Complete general health!

Cheryl and her husband, Jesse, live in Corning and enjoy riding motorcycles and traveling in their free time. They have 2 adult children and 1 grandson, Bodhi.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Cheryl, please visit her website.

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Cheryl Knight

Things to watch for:

Tooth alignment
- 65% of children have malocclusion (an incorrect bite) caused by irregular teeth

- When breathing, is your child’s mouth generally open or closed?
- Does your child breathe through their mouth or their nose?
- For correct nasal breathing, it is important that the lips are properly closed so that your child can breath easily through the nose.

Jaw growth
- Does your child have an excessive overbite or underbite? Along with a deep bite, these issues may influence your child’s breathing and swallowing.

- When you child swallows, does their chin purse or their lips move?
- Does your child frequently choke or gag?

Oral Habits
- Cheek or lip biting
- Grinding/Clenching of the teeth
- Thumb, finger or pacifier sucking

"I’ve been treating dental disease for over 30 years, and some of the harder dental problems to control have to do with tooth wear/grinding, both in children and adults. In 2016 when I learned at one of my continuing educational classes that compromised airways could be the root cause of these issues, I paid close attention and set out to learn more."

- Dr. Tedman

Myofunctional Treatment Solutions

Our alternative orthodontic treatment uses myofunctional techniques to address the poor muscular habits that are the underlying causes of crooked teeth, and uses light intermittent forces to align the teeth. Orthodontists have utilized this mode of practice around the world for over 25 years.

Benefits of Myofunctional Treatment

-Uses light forces to naturally align the teeth
-Allows patients to easily brush and floss your teeth
-No dietary restrictions
-Teaches proper nasal breathing
-Encourages proper airway development